Looking for a Pilates, Yoga or movement workshop for your studio,  conference or teacher training?
All of these workshops are perfect for Pilates professionals and students who wish to expand their practice and understanding of technical aspects of the work.
Rosita travels internationally to present these workshops. 
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Previous Workshops

Studio Naim Maze
Tel Aviv
First Wednesday of every month
Studio Naim
Tel Aviv 
DEC 20, 2019 
JULY 11, 2019
Snake & Twist Studio
DEC 20, 2018
Ozge Derman Studio
MAR 18, 2019


NeoClassy is a 3 hours advanced workshop presented by Rosita Menda. Attendees will learn up to 8 creative yet intelligent flows on the Pilates Reformer and effective yet simple teaching cues. This workshop is designed to inspire teachers and advanced students to think outside of the box while staying true to the pilates principles.


(Split Class)

Mixed Apparatus Workshop for the TEACHERS - 3 hours

From a Pilates Instructor's point of view, teaching mixed equipment class can be challenging. Following every client on different apparatus, (cadillac, chair, reformer) explaining them what to do and checking individually is definitely harder than teaching a reformer group class.​ 

By following a simple order, adapting each apparatus into the same classical exercise keeps the control and confidence of the teacher. That way following and correcting each client is easier without being worried about the next exercise separately.

Mixed Apparatus Class for the STUDENTS- 1.5 hours

From the student point of view, especially if they are a member for a long time and only practicing group reformer class which is the most common class in studios, it might be boring! To see the other glorious apparatus in the studio and not being able to use them makes them upset. 

Mixed Apparatus Class is a very intelligent way to nourish the students of your studio.


This 4 hour workshop takes the participant deeper into the mind/body/spirit connection. We will work with breath and movement inside and outside the boundaries of the mat work, foam roller, soft ball and Magic Circle. Topics will include modifications, cuing, balancing strength & stability with flexibility & mobility. Techniques for listening to the body’s wisdom will be introduced. 


Bringing together the core strength of Pilates along with the flexibility of Yoga. An extraordinary workshop to fulfill your mind and body needs. Explore functional moment patterns from a strong center. Create balance, strengthen your core, and find the breath in each movement. 

The class takes 1.5 hours and could be a perfect match if you need to bring the power energy into your studio and introduce and excite the students of your studio with this FUN AND CHALLENGING class.