Online Class


Online Classes are available only for Yoga or Pilates.

All you need is space to roll out your mat, a computer/laptop/iPad and good internet connection.

We’ll have our sessions via Zoom, Skype or Facetime

We’ll connect beforehand via email or Skype so you have the opportunity to explain your needs, challenges and goals.

We’ll also schedule a short call before the first session to check the lighting, sound, internet connection and placement of the mat so that I can see you standing and sitting.

You will receive free video recordings of our sessions together so that you can continue practicing whenever you like.

The online session will focus on your individual needs, challenges and goals so if you’re juggling work/family/life commitments and are feeling out of balance, we can talk about this and find a way back feeling more centred, energised and at ease.

We can practice anywhere in the world, with good internet connection.

It’s a very convenient, versatile and practical way to continue supporting your yoga/pilates practice.

I’m available for you for ongoing support. You can contact me at any time with questions, observations and thoughts that come up during the week.