Rosita Menda Zakuto born and raised in Istanbul,Turkey. She moved to Tel Aviv, Israel in 2017. She has a Bachelor Degree of fine arts "Dance Performance" where studied contemporary dance, ballet, dance composition, anatomy, movement research etc..


After graduation she pursued her love of movement into exercise and dive deep into Pilates, Yoga and Personal Training. Soon she became Balanced Body Comprehensively Certified, Yoga Alliance 200E-RYT, ACE Certified Personal Trainer.  


She worked in several gym chains and private studios from 2011 till 2013. After creating her own society and building up her name she decided to open Homemade Studio. It quickly grew into a huge success. She worked with hundreds of clients with a wide range including professional athletes, dancers, pathological clients, pre/postnatal, teenagers etc. After 4 years of managing a successful studio business, they decided to move to Israel with her husband. 

Since February 2017 she is living in Israel. It didn’t take her too long to become a well-known teacher in Tel Aviv. After a month later, she begins to teach in the biggest studio chain, Studio Naim. Soon follows, Miri’s Pilates Studio, Urban Play, Studio Basel, Shani’s Pilates Studio, Corporate Companies and many private/semi private and closed group classes.

She is also teaching workshops for Pilates Teachers in Studio Naim, Maze. For more info about the workshops please visit; 



If you want to read even more about my journey, you can check my blog, How I Decided To Be a Mover.  

Glad to meet you and see you soon!